Perhaps I should start by declaring my qualifications namely two children and a few grandchildren. And we have also hosted numerous children over the 30 years that we have owned Chalet Le Yeti.

The answer is that virtually every child does likes skiing.  Most children will progress very fast. Undoubtable some children like it more than others, and some will progress faster. Some of  this is down to the children themselves, their characters and their size. But there are other important factors namely how good or bad is the weather, how good or bad is the snow that week, and finally does the resort have good facilities for children.

For young children it is important that if they are getting cold and have had enough, there indoor facilities close at hand and the child can be moved indoors. It is also important that there is an easy slope to learn on with a good lift. (In my day, we had to climb up!!). We are lucky at Meribel that the children’s slope at Chaudanne near the Chalet does have an indoor area right next to where young children are learning, and the area includes an easy to use magic carpet lift.

The teaching staff are also an important ingredient, several of the staff have worked there for 30 years or more, and been involved with both my children and grandchildren. There is continuity, professionalism and above all a really caring attitude. You will get a great welcome if you say the “Monsieur Rose from Chalet Le Yeti” has recommended them. Children from as young as 18 months can looked after here. They have beds for afternoon sleeps if needed. Children over 3 can ski.

What is amazing is a young child, even a 3-year-old can progress rapidly and move from this play area very quickly to go on the nursery slopes at Altiport. Access is easy by a white cable car. Descent can be by the same cable car, or by the group on a bus, or soon on skis. Huge effort has been made to make this area tremendous fun for children. There is a children’s playground in the middle of the slope where they can take a rest and eat a few sweets! There are also penguins and other animals on the slopes to ski through, and finally there is at Woodland trail with animals to ski past.

There is also a fantastic area for children at Meribel Mottaret, with two little ski lifts, igloos to play in, bells to ring with ski poles, tunnels to go through etcetera.

Meribel is also blessed with many bubbles. These are safe for children, and warm and dry if the weather is not at its best. This lift system also means that you can access mountain restaurants, which are great fun for children.

There are many easy runs the children and it is possible to ski over to Courchevel and back using blue and green runs only through the Col de la Loze. This was a tremendous outing for a very young grandchild Olivia (at  I think 3 years old); skiing all the way to Courchevel 1600 Bel Air for lunch and back.

Every child in ski school does a test at the end of the week, and will get a badge, Friday is test day and is a great excitement. The badge will depend on the child’s progress, and is a great motivation.

For older children there is snowboarding, racing and even ski jumping if you are so inclined and have the right level.

But it is not only skiing that Meribel has to offer, there are toboggan runs, ice skating, swimming, carousels and of course snowman to build. We will provide the carrot.

Pack light because we have children’s games and children’s TV in Chalet Le Yeti. We also have a high chair and two cots; and can maybe access more. You may be relieved to hear that children cannot ski at this age. For children under 18 months , we can help arrange excellent local nannies to come to the chalet.

If you need further advice please do get in touch.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Rose

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose


For over 30 years, The Roses have owned Chalet Le Yeti in Méribel.
Lucy has grown up skiing in Meribel and helping run the family rental business. Her knowledge of Meribel and the Trois Vallées ski area is extensive through her personal experience as a skier and chalet owner.