Most probably the most frequent question  I am asked is how do you get to Meribel.

In short  there are three ways, plane , train and car. They all have their advantages and disadvantages


Plane is probably the easiest way of getting to Meribel. We are served by four airports. Geneva, Lyon, Grenoble and Chambery. They are all about two hours from Meribel, with the exception of Chambery which is just over an hour. Geneva has the most frequent flights, Lyon has the easiest drive although slightly longer than Geneva, Grenoble can sometimes have good value flights, and  Chambery is the closest airport but can be subject to fog and has  few flights.  Even Turin and Milan airports are not so far away if you fancy a bit of Italy added to your journey.

Flights from London are about an hour and a half  hours long, and the transfer to Meribel is another couple of hours. Obviously, you have waiting around at airports at both ends. It is always best to book as early as possible to get the best fares. Another tip is to book flights on a Saturday night which are normally very cheap and to stay in a cheap hotel near Geneva airport (St Julien in Genevois), or in somewhere like Albertville near Meribel.  A similar trick can be done coming home by flying home early on Monday morning rather than on Sunday, flights are much cheaper.

If you are going by air, we can help you book a coach transfer, or a car hire can be arranged.

Going by plane is the shortest journey time, and normally the lowest cost. Airports are not my favourite places. The overall journey time will be getting to the airport plus 2 hours at the airport, plus 1 1/2 hours for the flight, plus 1 hour at the other end getting luggage, plus 2 hours for the transfer past the wonderful Lake Annecy. Say about 8 hours in total.


If you drive-by car allow two hours from London to Dover, 2 hours for the ferry and boarding, and a good eight hours drive through France. This totals  12 hours. There is a motorway from Calais straight through to Albertville then dual carriageway to Moutiers, and the last 20 minutes is a winding road to Meribel. This is a longer  journey then plane, but you are not loading and unloading luggage. Going by road also enables you to stop on the way or the way back; and/or to visit vineyards in Alsace, Burgundy or even the Rhône en route. Ferries  normally cost £100 return and there are motorway tolls, petrol and general car running costs. In mid winter you should carry chains.


The final  way of getting to Meribel is by train to Moutiers. This web link here should help you.

It does depend on what time of year you wish to take the train. The train does not run all season. If you book in advance there are some reasonable fares, but they can be expensive.  The train journey is about 8 hours. There are few direct trains, and one or two changes are often necessary. The transfer from Moutiers to Meribel should be about 20 minutes, and we can help you arrange a minibus to Le Yeti.

Yeti Changeover and Travel

We have a unique change of the system at Chalet Le Yeti, Meribel; which enables you to ski for 8 days instead of the usual 6 . Two rooms are ready for you when you arrive, and your party can keep two rooms until 5 PM on the Sunday you leave if you want to. Our system gives you flexibility whatever way you travel. We certainly don’t get you up at 3 in the morning for an early morning departure!

Jonathan Rose


Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose


For over 30 years, The Roses have owned Chalet Le Yeti in Méribel.
Lucy has grown up skiing in Meribel and helping run the family rental business. Her knowledge of Meribel and the Trois Vallées ski area is extensive through her personal experience as a skier and chalet owner.