There are many wonderful shops in Méribel. If you’re looking for clothing, Sport Boutique would be your first stop. But there are dozens of boutiques dotted around the centre of Méribel.

If you have forgotten anything the Spar supermarket down the slope from le Yeti sells virtually everything (cosmetics, pens, chocolates, sun cream and, of course, food) and has a great wine and spirits section.


Méribel is a proper French resort with its attractive wood and stone clad chalets. If you want to bring a souvenir of France home from your holiday, do visit Boucherie Petit.

You can purchase a wonderful selection of charcuterie, cheeses, truffles, honeys and other local produce. They will vacuum pack purchases on request for your journey.

All our meats in Chalet le Yeti are purchased from this artisan butcher and delicatessen.


Another port of call would be the Boulangerie Maison Braissand, here you can purchase handmade chocolates and fruit pastels as well as other delicacies.

At the end of January, they sell traditional Galettes des Rois, and at Easter the chocolate eggs and bunnies are quite something.

Chalet Le Yeti has artisanal freshly baked bread delivered each morning.



Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose


For over 30 years, The Roses have owned Chalet Le Yeti in Méribel.
Lucy has grown up skiing in Meribel and helping run the family rental business. Her knowledge of Meribel and the Trois Vallées ski area is extensive through her personal experience as a skier and chalet owner.