Revised March 2020 (Azimut has its Star back).

Everyone focuses on the extraordinary skiing in the 3 Valley area. What is forgotten is that the area has more Michelin stars than any other area in France except Paris. No other ski resort comes close.

We have a total of 19 stars between 11 restaurants:

Restaurant Valley Menu Price Stars
Le 1947 Courchevel 270 3
La Bouitte St Martin 169 3
Le Chabichou Courchevel 210 2
le kintessence Courchevel 190 2
le Montgomerie Courchevel 190 2
Sarkara Courchevel 78 2
Baumaniere Courchevel 130 1
Ekrin Meribel 95 1
Les Exporateurs Val Thorens 90 1
Le Farcon Courchevel 42 1
Azimut Courchevel 40 1


Up to 3 years ago no restaurant in Savoie  had ever won 3 Michelin stars. We now have the incredible La Bouitte near  St Martin de Belleville, and Le 1947 restaurant in Courchevel  1850 with three-stars  each. When we first visited La Bouitte, it had not even gained its first star. 

On the two-star level we have Le Kintessense, Le Chabichou, Le Montgomerie and Sarkara; all in Courchevel 1850 What is interesting  is some of the one-star restaurants are not much more expensive (if at all) than a normal restaurant. There is Baumanière in Courchevel 1850, L’Ekrin in Meribel and Les Explorateurs in Val Thorens. But I would like to highlight two other restaurants: 

Firstly Azimut in Courchevel Le Praz, and secondly Le Farcon in La Tania. Both of these restaurants have one Michelin star and an amazing fixed price three course lunch (with extras  too) at €40 and €42 respectively . Where would you be able to eat for this price in the UK? Wine is also reasonably priced in these  restaurants. Both are accessed by runs through trees, so are excellent to go to on a bad weather day, as visibility on the run down will be good. The food is absolutely delicious and a good lunch in these restaurants just off the slopes certainly adds to the holiday.


Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose


For over 30 years, The Roses have owned Chalet Le Yeti in Méribel.
Lucy has grown up skiing in Meribel and helping run the family rental business. Her knowledge of Meribel and the Trois Vallées ski area is extensive through her personal experience as a skier and chalet owner.